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Research Projects

This page provides a list of ongoing and completed research projects on concepts that are interesting from an interdisciplinary perspective.

  • Thinking in Time: Cognition, Communication and Learning (Link)
    "The research concerns the interplay between cognition, communication and learning. The project investigate cognitive temporal processes at different levels. How do humans learn concepts? How does language and culture affect learning and attention? How do disabilities influence timing? How does the capacity of the brain to simulate actions influence the ability to plan and communicate?"
  • Dual-PECCS (Link)
    "Dual-PECCS is a cognitively-inspired knowledge representation and reasoning system which aims at extending the capabilities of artificial systems in conceptual categorization tasks. It combines different sorts of common-sense reasoning (prototypical reasoning and exemplars-based reasoning) with standard monotonic categorization procedures."
  • CoInvent (Link)
    "In COINVENT we aim to develop a computationally feasible, cognitively-inspired formal model of concept creation, drawing on Fauconnier and Turner's theory of conceptual blending, and grounding it on a sound mathematical theory of concepts. [...] The model to be defined in the context of this project will be based on Goguen's proposal of a Unified Concept Theory, and will draw from interdisciplinary research results from cognitive science, artificial intelligence, formal methods and computational creativity."